Current Pbr Standings (2024)

1. Standings | PBR | Professional Bull Riders

  • Tour Standings · Bull Standings · PBR Teams · Touring Pro Division

  • Welcome to the official website of the Professional Bull Riders, your No. 1 source for PBR news, results, videos, and more!

Standings | PBR | Professional Bull Riders

2. Standings | Unleash The Beast | PBR | Professional Bull Riders

  • #1. Cassio. Dias · 1,610.33 · ; #2. John. Crimber · 1,027.83 · ; #3. Eduardo. Aparecido · 1,014.00 ·

  • Welcome to the official website of the Professional Bull Riders, your No. 1 source for PBR news, results, videos, and more!

Standings | Unleash The Beast | PBR | Professional Bull Riders

3. Standings — The Professional Bull Riders - PBR Australia

Standings — The Professional Bull Riders - PBR Australia

4. PBR World Finals 2024

  • Welcome to the official website of the Professional Bull Riders World Finals.

  • Welcome to the official website of the Professional Bull Riders World Finals

5. Current PBR World Championship Bull Race -

  • 1: 19H Man Hater (GO) sum: 373.75 - Avg: 46.72 - outs: 17 (8) · 2: 118 UTZ BesTex Legend (BSBL) sum: 363.50 - Avg: 45.44 - outs: 19 (8) · 3: A54 Red Demon (UR)

  • PBR World Championship Bull Race - Current Season

Current PBR World Championship Bull Race -

6. Standings — The Professional Bull Riders - PBR Australia

  • 2024 Standings. Place. Bull. Current Outs / Current Rides. Buckoff %. Average Bull Score. 1, Some Gave All, 2 / 0, 100%, 43.5. 2, Mr T, 6 / 0, 100%, 42.83. 3 ...

  • Professional Bull Riders: Australia

Standings — The Professional Bull Riders - PBR Australia

7. A Look at the Standings Heading into the PBR World Finals

  • 11 mei 2023 · This opens up a golden opportunity for Jose Vitor Leme who is currently 76 points behind Pacheco to claim a third World Title. Leme will have to ...

  • It is PBR World Finals time in Fort Worth, Texas with the action beginning May 12 and going all the way until May 21 inside Dickies Arena.

A Look at the Standings Heading into the PBR World Finals

8. Standings - International Bull Riders

  • 1. Devon Weaver 11,329 · 2. Shane Stiffler 11,268 · 3. James Glick 4,339 · 4. Randy Brubacker 3,341 · 5. Eric Spence Jr. 3,135 · 6. Adrian Stackhouse 3,102 · 7.

  • 2022 IBR Standings* Did not purchase card.1. Devon Weaver 56932. Grayson Cole 44333. Tiago Goncalves - R 40774. Diego Reis - R 31615. Cody McCandless - R 29756. Thyago Venancio - R 26107. Marcus Brubacker 24818. Fabio Junior - R 17579. Dalton Dwyer - R 1472* Sawyer Sibley - R 123510. Alexandre Silva - R 120411. Maynor Barrientos - R 101712. Gabriel Martimiano 693* Nick Mest - R 60013. Varnei Junior - R 55414. Vincinious Rainer 542* Chase Haskins - R 47015. Chase Ganley 42216. Jaime Morales - R 36917. John Da Silva - R 361

9. World Standings - Wrangler Network

  • Wrangler | Long Live Cowboys... Watch Now ». PreviousNext . . . MUSIC · FILMS · PATRIOT · PBR. World Standings. 2024 PRCA & WPRA World Standings. PRCA · WPRA ...

  • 2024 PRCA & WPRA World Standings PRCA             WPRA

World Standings - Wrangler Network
Current Pbr Standings (2024)


Who is number one in the PBR right now? ›

Cassio Dias, World Champion

2024 PBR World Champion!

Who is the most feared bull in PBR? ›

Bodacious became infamously known as "the world's most dangerous bull" throughout the sport of bull riding and beyond due to his reputation for injuring riders.

Who is considered the best bull rider of all time? ›

Top Bull Riders of all time
  1. Lane Frost. Lane Frost was an American professional rodeo cowboy who specialized in bull riding and competed in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA). ...
  2. J.B. Mauney. ...
  3. Tuff Hedeman. ...
  4. Chris Shivers. ...
  5. Ty Murray. ...
  6. Don Gay. ...
  7. Jess Lockwood. ...
  8. Juston McBride.

How much does a PBR rider make? ›

What are Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Professional Bull Riding Jobs
CityAnnual SalaryHourly Wage
Berkeley, CA$44,374$21.33
Richmond, CA$42,384$20.38
Stamford, CT$41,870$20.13
Santa Clara, CA$41,364$19.89
6 more rows

Who won the PBR 2024 today? ›

Cassio Dias crowned 2024 PBR World Champion and Rookie of the Year.

Who is the 18 year old bull rider in the PBR? ›

After going 0-for-2 through the opening rounds of Eliminations, the 18-year-old, generational talent Crimber first righted his momentum on Saturday evening, tying for the Round 3 win as he rode Brown Bomber (Culp Bucking Bulls) for 89.25 points.

What bull rider was killed by a bull? ›

That awful moment during the 1989 Cheyenne Frontier Days Finals when Takin' Care of Business tossed bull rider Lane Frost into the air, then hit him in the ribs with a horn that killed the rodeo star, is still keenly felt by the doctor who treated him.

Who is the meanest rodeo bulls of all time? ›

Bodacious lived from 1988-2000 andwas dubbed "The World's Most Dangerous Bull" thanks to his habit ofjerking guys down and then head butting them. After riding (orrather trying to ride) Bodacious, many cowboys no longer had thefaces they were born with and he was ultimately retired for being"too dangerous" in 1995.

What PBR bull was never ridden? ›

Red Rock is one of rodeo's most famous bulls because in the 309 outs during his PRCA career between 1983 and 1987, he was never ridden a single time.

How many rides has Bodacious killed? ›

All muscle, the bull with the distinctive yellow coloring bucked off 127 of his 135 riders. For his efforts, Bo was named PRCA Bull of the Year in 1994–95 and top bull of the National Finals Rodeo in 1992 and 1994–95. Bodacious was known for his explosive exit out of the chute.

Who has rode Bushwacker for 8 seconds? ›

Mauney was the first rider to make the whistle on Bushwacker since Thiago Paguioto and Markus Mariluch conquered Bushwacker in 2009. They are the only three riders to have ridden Bushwacker for the full 8 seconds.

What bull rider has won the most money? ›

  • #1. J.B. Mauney. Lifetime Earnings: $7,419,474.90.
  • #2. Silvano. Alves. Lifetime Earnings: $6,691,601.35.
  • #3. Jose. Vitor Leme. Lifetime Earnings: $6,159,377.52. 🇧🇷

Do bull riders wear a cup? ›

A cowboy will often wear a pair of tight spandex bicycle style shorts under his Wranglers, but no cup. Apparently wearing a cup during bull riding is just plain uncomfortable!” Also, it could throw off his balance and “feel.” … Or so I've been told. The “wrecks”! Damn, y'all.

What is the highest bull riding score ever? ›

The highest score in the PBR is 98.75 points. Each Premier Series event always has four judges.

Has there ever been a 100 point bull ride? ›

Red Rock was the grandfather of a historic bull named Wolfman. Wolfman's father was the great ProRodeo Hall of Fame bull Oscar. Wolfman is known for being ridden by Wade Leslie for a perfect 100 point score, the only one in history in any rodeo circuit.

Who is #1 in PBR? ›

Cassio Dias

Who is the number one professional bull rider? ›

Cassio Dias

What is the best bull in PBR? ›

PBR World Champion bulls Bushwackerand Asteroid are among the favorites of bullscurrently bucking. Both Houdini and WhiteSports Coat were frequently mentioned for their prowess assires and the amount of great bucking offspring that now carrytheir bloodlines.

Who is the youngest rider in the PBR? ›

Jess Lockwood (bull rider)

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