MyAtriumHealth - Login Page (2024)

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Patients: MyAtriumHealth is your new patient portal! Log in here.

Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Patients: MyAtriumHealth is your new patient portal! Log in here.

MyAtriumHealth - Login Page (2024)


How do I set up MyAtriumHealth account? ›

Sign up for MyAtriumHealth
  1. Enter your personal information.
  2. Verify your contact information.
  3. Choose a username and password.

How to reset atrium health password? ›

To access the tool, go to the PeopleConnect homepage and select Network Password Help in the 'Take me to' drop-down box. From this page, you can change your current network password, reset your password using security questions, or unlock your account.

How do I add a child to mychart atrium? ›

Sign in and go to Request Family Access from the main menu. Complete and submit the form, and our support team will review and approve your request. You will need your child's: Social Security Number, or.

How do I create a MyCarle account? ›

New to our patient portal, or have an existing MyChart account? Simply click the sign up now button to activate your MyCarle account. Patients with existing portal accounts should be prompted to merge their information, or can do so manually under account settings "Link my Account."

How to get atrium health activation code? ›

To sign up, complete this form. Then look for an email with an activation code and instructions to finish setting up your account. If you have any questions, please contact MyAtriumHealth Support toll-free at 855-799-0044.

How do I link my child account to MyChart? ›

A proxy can request a minor account for their child in MyChart by navigating to Menu > Minor Account (14-17) > Parental/Guardian Consent and completing the Parental/Guardian Consent Access to MyChart form. Children in foster care and their caregivers are not eligible for MyChart accounts.

Can you have two different MyChart accounts? ›

If you decline consent to share your information with affiliated partners, you will have multiple MyChart accounts: one for each organization, each with its own username and password.

How do I add a child to Epic MyChart? ›

Within MyChart, click on “Profile” and then click on “Family Access(Proxy)” 3. Click on “Request Access to Your Minor's Record from Inova” 4. Complete the Minor's and Parent/Guardian Information Page 2 2 | Page a. Review Terms & Agreement b.

How do I add an attachment to MyChart? ›

Enter your message in the message box • Attach an Image if you would like to by clicking the paperclip at the bottom of the message box • You can attach up to 9 files. The allowed file types are BMP, GIF, JPEG, JPG, PDF, PNG, TIF, TIFF. The maximum file size is 5.86 MB for images & PDFs.

How do I add a child to my Duke MyChart? ›

In order for your child to gain access to their own MyChart account, as the parent or legal guardian you must first obtain a Proxy Account for your child by speaking to staff in the office of your child's provider or by contacting Duke Customer Service at 919-620-4555 or 800-782-6945 between 8:00am-5:00pm ET Monday, ...

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