Miami Metro Bus Schedule (2024)

1. Metrobus Routes & Schedules - Miami-Dade County

  • Find your nearest Metrobus route and schedule for the day you plan to travel.

2. Miami Metrobus - Lines, schedule and more

  • Schedule. Many of the Metrobus routes run 24 hours a day. If you're interested in information on a specific route you can check it on the Miami transport page ...

  • The bus is the most complete means of public transport in Miami. Here you can find out about its lines, prices and schedule.

Miami Metrobus - Lines, schedule and more

3. Metrobus - Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau

4. Miami-Dade Transit 2 bus

  • The full 2 bus schedule as well as real-time departures (if available) can be found in the app. Directions. Downtown Miami NE 84st / 2 Av. Stops ...

  • See next departure times, schedules, route maps and all stop locations for the 2

5. Metrobus Route Details | Americas Transportation

  • Route Schedule. Select your service day and direction of travel, then click on the "View Schedule" button.

  • MIAMI-DADE COUNTY: Florida City, Wal-Mart, SW 328 St., Florida City City Hall, W. Palm Dr., US 1, MONROE COUNTY (bus stops on hail): Mile Marker 98, Key Largo, Tavernier, Islamorada, Marathon, Mile Marker 50 (See schedule)

6. Miami-Dade Transit Bus Route Changes - City of Sunny Isles Beach

  • Starting on Monday, November 13, major changes are coming to Miami-Dade County's Metrobus routes, as part of their new Better Bus SHIFTS initiative. These ...

  • Better Bus Network Update On Tuesday, January 30, 2024, Miami-Dade County held an Informational Session discussing the changes to Miami-Dade Transit routes. The County has received feedback from residents since …

Miami-Dade Transit Bus Route Changes - City of Sunny Isles Beach

7. Miami-Dade Transit 100 bus

  • The Miami-Dade Transit 100 - Downtown-Aventura Mall via Miabeach bus serves 97 bus stops in the Miami area departing from Bus Terminal / Aventura Mall and ...

  • See next departure times, schedules, route maps and all stop locations for the 100

8. Get Trolley Info, Schedules, & Maps - City of Miami

  • Check how to connect with: ... The Coral Gables Trolley service. ... The Miami-Dade Transit. ... The Miami Beach Trolley service is free as well. Miami Beach Trolley ...

  • Do you want to find information on the City of Miami trolley routes, schedules, or see live tracking of the vehicles?

Miami Metro Bus Schedule (2024)


Can I pay cash for a bus in Miami? ›


A one-way bus fare starts at $2.25 using an EASY Card, EASY Ticket, the GO Miami-Dade Transit app, contactless payment or cash. Free WiFi is also available.

Is Miami bus still free? ›

The start of the new year brought many changes to Miami-Dade, including the end of the free bus fare program that started in November 2023.

Does the Miami bus run 24 hours? ›

Many of the Metrobus routes run 24 hours a day.

How to get around Miami for free? ›

Metrorail, Metromover and Metrobus all provide low-cost or free ways for you to get around Miami without splurging on taxis, rideshares or rental cars. Not only is public transit an excellent way to see the sights, it's also great for the environment and a smart way to avoid parking and garage fees.

Can I pay for a Miami bus with a credit card? ›

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express contactless-enabled bankcards. Accepted digital wallets include: Apple Pay. Google Pay.

How much does the bus cost in Miami? ›

Bus rides start at $2.25 per single trip. The easiest way to pay for a bus ride is with an EASY Ticket, which can purchased at select stations, or a rechargeable EASY Card, which can be purchased via the GO Miami-Dade Transit app for a contactless experience.

Does the Miami Metro run all night? ›

Metrorail operates 5 a.m. to midnight seven days a week.

How much is the Metromover in Miami? ›

Metromover is always free.

How much is the Miami-Dade bus fare for seniors? ›

Senior citizens and Social Security beneficiaries can ride Transit free with a Golden Passport EASY Card. Miami-Dade County residents whose annual income is less than $33,885 may qualify to ride Metrobus and Metrorail free of charge.

Is Miami Metromover free? ›

Metromover is a free to ride automated people mover system operated by Miami-Dade Transit in Miami, Florida, United States. Metromover serves the Downtown Miami, Brickell, Park West and Arts & Entertainment District neighborhoods. Metromover connects directly with Metrorail at Government Center and Brickell stations.

Can I survive in Miami without a car? ›

It's More Fun To Walk: Where to Live in Miami Florida Without a Car. The simplest answer to the question "is Miami a walkable city?" is yes. Walk Score repeatedly ranks Miami, Florida as one of America's most walkable cities, and usually, in the top five.

Can you go to Miami Beach for free? ›

South Beach is a public beach that's free and open to everyone. And it's easily accessible by foot, though the most scenic part on the southern end, via Lummus Park, which runs along Ocean Drive from 5th to 15th streets.

How to pay on a Miami-Dade bus? ›

Payment options accepted include:
  1. Contactless-enabled bank cards or credit cards. Just look for the little contactless symbol on your card (hint: it looks like a wave)
  2. Digital wallets. Such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Fitbit Pay.
  3. Mobile Passes. Buy these on the GO Miami-Dade Transit app.
  4. EASY Card. ...
  5. Cash payment.

Do buses take card payments? ›

You can pay by contactless with your card or device on all our buses.

How much is the Metrobus 150 Miami? ›

Regular fare: $2.25. Bus to Miami International Airport (called 150-Airport Flyer): $2.65. Bus-to-bus transfers: not available.

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