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Don't know how to complete the story of Conan: Exiles? Here's a step-by-step walkthrough, explaining what you need to do to finally escape the valley.

Conan: Exiles - How To Remove The Bracelet & Beat The Game | Ending Guide - Gameranx (1)

The road to escaping the cursed valley is a long one in Conan: Exiles. At the start of the game, your character is dumped, naked, into an unforgiving desert. You’ll have to fight to survive, but survival isn’t enough — if you want to truly escape, you’ll have to remove that weird bracelet thing from your arm. Doing that is the main objective of Conan: Exiles, and it’s going to take a very, very long time to remove it.

There’s an incredibly long quest to complete the main story of the game, and you’ll need to beef up your character with plenty of powerful weapons and armors before you can tackle all of these challenges. I’m not going to explain every step of your survival, just the basic steps you need to take to complete the game and get the ending cutscene.

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How To Remove The Bracelet & Beat The Game | Ending Guide

To get the ending, you’ll essentially need to collect unique items from the various bosses in the map. There are many, many bosses you’ll need to defeat. Be prepared before attempting to defeat them.

[NOTE: Need help finding these locations? Check out a full-sized map with marked locations here.]

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Step #1: Get The Scourgestone

There are three pieces of the Scourgestone you’ll need to collect before you can begin getting the items required for the Keystone — the primary item we need to complete the game. Each piece is held by one of the first three boss encounters.

  • Defeat the Crocodile:
    • The Crocodile boss is located in a Brimstone Cave, near the shores of the southern river. Slay it and skin it to get the Jagged Scourgestone Piece.
  • Defeat the Pirate King:
    • Find the Pirate King at the shipwreck camp on the northeast shore. Fight through the pirates to reach him at the end — he has a special name. He will drop the Shattered Scourgestone Piece.
  • Defeat the Spider Queen:
    • Enter the dungeon at the northernmost edge of the swamp area. She’s located in the center of the swarm of spiders. Skin the body to get the Broken Scourgestone Piece.

Once you have all three Scourgestone Pieces, travel to the Sandswept Ruins and talk to Petruso the Sandswept Maniac. Trade the pieces to him to get the Heart of the Sands (Scourgestone).

Step #2: Get The Keystone

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Now that we have the Scourgestone, we can begin the second phase of the main quest — collecting all the parts required to construct the Keystone. Visit the Altar of Chaosmouth, where the desert meets the forest, and you’ll see all the ingredients required to make the Keystone.

  • Defeat the Witch Queen:
    • The Witch Queen is located in the Celestial Plaza dungeon on the southeast shore of the map. Destroy the giant stone guardians and defeat her to collect the Mask of the Witch Queen.
  • Defeat the Barrow King:
    • Travel to the western-most barrow on the map. Collect Demon Blood and use it to unlock the entrance door. Inside, defeat the Barrow King to collect the Diadem of the Giant Kings.
  • Defeat the Undead Dragon:
    • The giant dragon monster is located in The Sinkhole, in the center of the desert. Carefully drop down, and be prepared for a long fight. The Undead Dragon has the most health of any boss. Defeat it to get the Star of the Champion.
  • Defeat the Kingscourge:
    • Find the Black Keep, the Kingscourge’s dungeon, in the snowy northern section of the map, across a giant bridge leading toward the volcano in the far distance. You can enter through the front, or use a secret entrance underwater. Skin him after bringing him down to get the Tear of Two Races.
  • Defeat the Snake Priest:
    • Your final opponent is the Snake Priest in the volcano. Go to the Well of Skelos and drop into the portal to find the boss. Skin him to get the Shining Trapezohedron.
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Now we have everything required to create the Keystone and escape the Valley of Exiles.

Step #3: Remove The Bracelet

For the final step, take the five items (Mask of the Witch Queen, Diadem of the Giant Kings, Star of the Champion, Tear of Two Races, and Shining Trapezohedron) to the Altar of Chaosmouth.

The Altar is located on a strange structure between where the desert meets the forest area, on the huge wall. Follow the aqueduct to find it. After fully exploring the map, you shouldn’t have a problem returning to this area.

Use the altar to instantly create the Keystone. At this point, the game will ask you a question.

Remove the bracelet? Remove your bracelet and escape from the Exiled Lands? Please note that doing so will permanently delete your character and restart the game.

If you’re willing to delete your character and restart from scratch, you can now watch the ending cutscene.


Conan: Exiles - How To Remove The Bracelet & Beat The Game | Ending Guide - Gameranx (2024)
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